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Cooking Experiment #1
In a fit of inspiration last Thursday, I bought myself a crock pot and decided I would make Dr. Boyfriend a nice pot roast to make up for the really rough week he'd been having at work. The commissary yielded a rather nice one for twenty bucks and I was on my way.

One of the girls at PT described to me how she makes her pot roasts, and it sounded pretty good, so I hit up Weis and picked up some ingredients. My plan went something like this:

One (1) pot roast meat thing
One (1) potato
One (1) onion
Worcestershire sauce
Montreal Steak Seasoning
Babby carrots

Cover pot roast meat thing in steak seasoning, place in pot. Cut up half of the onion and all of the potato and add to pot. Add a layer of babby carrots, then pour Worcestershire over the whole thing. For the final touch, you add water until it just covers the meat, then cook on high all day for deliciousness!

I came home and pulled the meat out of the crock pot and it looked amazing. Nicely browned with a crust of spices, and when I cut it up it pretty much fell apart on the cutting board. The whole thing split up nicely into five Ziploc plastic containers and along with that, I took a loaf of my home-baked bread, some blackberry honey, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar and brought it all up to his apartment in Baltimore.

According to Dr. Boyfriend, the pot roast was delicious. I never did get a chance to try any of it, so I'll have to make it again just to know if it's good or not.


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