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It's snowing, y'all!

I've seen snow before. When I went to Michigan and Chicago, there was snow everywhere, but it had all come down before I arrived, and we didn't get any new snow at all.

I honestly hadn't expected to get any snow this winter, given that we had a bit of a cold snap but then it warmed up considerably and has stayed that way since. Apparently I was wrong, as I spent the evening inside with Adam, not really paying attention to anything when I suddenly looked outside and saw a blanket of white covering the cars and fat little snowflakes cascading down. The streets are still clear, and Adam says it won't stick, but it still blew my mind and I had to go run out and stand in it for a bit.

Miguel told me that when it snows you can hear this grinding sound coming from the clouds, like stones rubbing together, and whenever I've pictured snow in my head, I've always heard jingle bells. Turns out we were both wrong. I went outside and shut the door and this hush came over everything. Maybe it's that I've been listening to the TV or computer games all night, but as I stood outside in the snow and the glow of the streetlight, there was no sound.

Cars passed by, but the snow seemed to muffle everything and I felt for a second like I was the only creature in the world. The snow made everything seem so close that it felt like I'd stepped into a different room, not outside. It's beautiful and I love it. I figure that's what Christmas Eve should have felt like, and I hope it snows (just a little) while I'm in Korea.

Now I'm sitting here with snow melting in my hair, exhausted and about to pass out, but I really want to run downstairs again and sit outside in the snow for a bit longer.

The flakes already look smaller, and I'm afraid there won't be anything left by the time I wake up tomorrow, so I'll put off bed for another hour or two and watch the magic until it disappears.


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